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Feisty Pets Chewy the Chomp Plush Baby Shark *EXCLUSIVE*

William Mark Corporation

  • $39.99

Feisty Pets are the latest line of fun and innovative toys from the creative minds at William Mark corporation- the creators of air swimmers! Feisty pets are a line of plush animals with "stuffed attitude"! Each pet changes expression from cute to 'feisty' when you gently squeeze it behind the ears. No batteries or extras necessary. Captivate and entertain any audience, young or old with these unique and animated animals! They're great to cuddle and play with, but are also perfect for a hilarious and innocent prank on friends and family!

Chewy the Chomp the Baby Shark

Chewy doesn't think fish are friends.  Fish are food, and when he sees them... CHOMP.  His whole shark family--mommy, daddy, grandma, grandpa--love to go out hunting.  If you're a fish, stay safe, or it's the end for you.

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