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11006 LEGO® Classic Creative Blue Bricks


  • $15.99

An exciting mix of blue LEGO bricks for kids, bursting with ideas and inspiration. As kids build, play and build again, this timeless building toy unlocks creative potential and delivers developmental benefits that last a lifetime. Children aged 4 and over will love playing with the 3 easy-to-build LEGO toys. Simple instructions and fun features get the imaginative play started immediately. There's a blue whale toy with big round eyes and a waterspout, a train toy with revolving wheels, and a mini robot toy with movable arms. The creative fun continues as kids mix the bricks to modify their models ? then skyrockets as they produce endless imaginative creations of their own. LEGO Classic sets put open-ended play and self-expression in kids' hands. And as they build, create and imagine, they develop skills that support future happiness and success.

  • This 52-piece set becomes a blue whale, a train and a robot with fun features to encourage imaginative play As kids progress to making their own customized creations, they develop valuable skills that last a lifetime
  • There's much fun to be enjoyed building and playing with the 3 toys, but when kids start adapting models and creating their own ? anything is possible The kit can also integrate with other LEGO toys for even more fun
  • A great building toy for beginners as well as those wishing to expand their LEGO brick collection This versatile educational toy makes an ideal holiday, birthday or any-other-day gift for boys and girls
  • The LEGO Classic Creative Blue Bricks set is handy enough for parents to take the creative fun wherever their kids go For even more possibilities, combine with other LEGO sets
  • Open the box and the imaginative play begins immediately Simple, clear instructions get kids building and playing with the starter models And once they begin, the creative fun will never stop
  • Every LEGO Classic set explodes with ideas and inspiration The exciting mix of bricks and pieces stimulates endless open-ended play Boosting kids? creative-thinking skills has never been so fun and intuitive
  • LEGO toys meet the highest industry standards , so they are consistent, compatible and connect and pull apart easily ? and it's been that way since 1958
  • As well as meeting the highest global safety and quality standards, The LEGO Group drops, squashes, twists, heats, bends, scratches and stretches LEGO bricks and pieces so you can be sure the toy is safe for your child

Product Classifications

Brand LEGO®
Theme Classic
Model 11006
Age Range 4 years and Up
Product Piece Count 52