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70655 LEGO® Ninjago Dragon Pit


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Join the ninja warriors in a battle against Iron Baron and the Dragon Hunters at the LEGO NINJAGO 70655 Dragon Pit, with 3 detachable sections for easy play. The ninja toy's viewing gallery features a throne for dragon leader Iron Baron, weapon rack and a gate-opening function to let the posable Earth Dragon into the pit. This action-packed ninja warrior toy also includes a watchtower with rooftop dual missile shooter, buildable telescope and a blacksmith’s workshop, plus a jail with a trapdoor function to drop a minifigure into the pit. Fight for all 4 of the top selling collectible Dragon Armor elements (worn in this set by Dragon Master) with 9 minifigures and their assorted ninja and dragon weapons.

  • This dragon toy includes 9 LEGO NINJAGO minifigures: Dragon Master, Ninja Jay, Ninja Zane, Ninja Cole, Ninja Kai, Iron Baron, Arkade, Heavy Metal and Chew Toy
  • Dragon Pit features 3 detachable sections: a viewing gallery, watchtower and a jail
  • Viewing gallery in this ninja toy set features an arch with wheel-operated opening entrance gate, dragon-head-shaped throne for Iron Baron, dragon weapon rack with a scythe and moon blade, plus decorative dragonbone and translucent flame-style elements
  • The Ninja Warrior Watchtower has a rooftop dual missile shooter, buildable telescope on the second level, and a blacksmith’s workshop with a hammer and 2 swords
  • The construction toy jail features a cell with an opening dragonbone door and a trapdoor function to drop a minifigure into the dragon pit
  • Earth Dragon features posable jaws, neck, blade wings, legs, feet and hammer tail
  • Dragon Master comes with all 4 collectible Dragon Armor elements: the Dragon Helmet, Dragon Chestplate, Dragonbone Blade and Dragon Shield
  • Weapons in this ninja tool set for kids include Ninja Jay's kusarigama and katana; Ninja Zane's bow & arrow; Ninja Cole’s hammer; Ninja Kai’s katana and buildable katana; Iron Baron’s staff, tanto and cyborg arm; Arkade’s wrench and saw blade; and Heavy Metal’s Vengestone Chain Rifle
  • • Recreate and role-play epic ninja warrior scenes from the NINJAGO Masters of Spinjitzu TV show.
  • • For boys and girls ages 9-14

Product Classifications

Brand LEGO®
Theme Ninjago
Model 70655
Age Range 9-14 Years
Product Piece Count 1660