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75217 LEGO® Star Wars TM Imperial Conveyex Transport™


  • $91.99

Relive high-speed smuggling adventures from Solo: A Star Wars Story, with this LEGO Star Wars 75217 Imperial Conveyex Transport construction toy. The armored locomotive features an engine section with a wraparound tank track, opening driver?s compartment and weapon store, plus a detachable cargo wagon with opening sides, movable gun turret with stud shooters, space for the 4 included coaxium containers and a ladder inside with an opening hatch on the roof for making daring escapes! This exciting LEGO Star Wars building toy includes 5 LEGO Star Wars minifigures.

  • Includes 5 LEGO® minifigures: Han Solo, Chewbacca, an Imperial Gunner and 2 Range Troopers
  • Imperial Conveyex Transport features an engine section with opening front revealing a wraparound tank track, opening driver?s compartment and a weapon store
  • Detachable, wheeled cargo wagon features opening sides and top hatch, a movable rotating gun turret with 2 stud shooters, a hitch at the back and studs on the side for the Range Troopers to walk on Inside, there?s an access ladder leading to the top hatch and space for the 4 included coaxium containers
  • Tilt the train from side to side, just like in the movie
  • Make believe the Range Troopers have real magnetic boots and climb them up the sides of the train
  • Weapons include Han?s blaster pistol, Chewbacca?s sawed-off blaster rifle and the Range Troopers? blaster rifles
  • Also includes 4 coaxium box elements in containers
  • Combines with the 75215 Cloud-Rider Swoop Bikes and 75219 Imperial AT-Hauler for the ultimate high-speed train heist
  • Hitch up multiple sets for an even longer train
  • Imperial Conveyex Transport with cargo wagon measures over 4? (12cm) high, 16? (43cm) long and 3? (9cm) wide

Product Classifications

Brand LEGO®
Theme Star Wars TM
Model 75217
Age Range 8 -14 Years
Product Piece Count 622