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Welcome to the New and Improved Chachi Toys!

Posted by Patrick Ross on

Hello!  We have done some massive "Behind the Scenes" overhauling, and are ready to unveil a new look!  To go with the new streamlined Chachi Toys, we're excited to announce a new lineup of exclusive items.  We'll reveal these items on our Facebook page, and on this blog.

First up, a very exciting one: an exclusive guinea pig Feisty Pet!

We've been watching Feisty Pets blowing up on Instagram and Vine.  Just watch this amazing compilation of Vine vids featuring these awesome animals:

So when we got the opportunity to create our own Feisty Pet, the answer was, of course, "YES!"

Now, we have two animals that we love dearly.  Please meet Hippo and Dermis.

Yes, they are hairless.  It's their breed!  They are Skinny Pigs, or hairless guinea pigs!  We love watching them do all sorts of weird guinea pig stuff, like eat carrots, sleep, and tell each other that they're the best by doing something called "rumblestrutting":

It's amazing.

So, back to Feisty Pets.  The obvious choice for our Feisty Pet was a guinea pig!  While hairlessness may not have made it into the final version, Cuddles Von Rumblestrut (see what we did there?) maintains all of the fierce attitude our pigs have:

Our Cuddles Von Rumblestrut may be the only one currently available, but if you want to get your hands on one yourself, you can preorder one right here!  Be the first to get your very own Feisty Pig.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page and blog for more exclusive reveals and behind the scenes stories like this one!

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